Moroesi Leboela 2015The third member of the all-female team is the lovely Moroesi Leboela. Known as Mo, she brings the calmness to this fierce team of hard working ladies. Mo has been with Edith Unlimited for the past two years. Born in the US raised in Lesotho and South Africa, world traveler by nature, she pursued the business field to satisfy her love of all things new and constantly changing. After attaining her Bachelor of Business Management degree Mo went straight into the telecoms industry doing a one year internship at Ericsson South Africa. The events industry was a natural progression for Mo. Being at Edith Unlimited has afforded her so many exciting opportunities and has been an incredible experience. It has taken her love for finer details and her organisational skills and streamlined them, she has been more focused and has learnt to prioritize to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Moroesi has a Bachelor’s degree in

Business Administration and currently working towards a Post Graduate Diploma in Management with the strong desire to complete her MBA in the next three years.

The dynamic team focus on event management, entertainment, media relations and advertising management for their clients on a daily basis. If you are looking for an extra ordinary event that will be the talk of the town, give Edith and her team a call for the “Expect the Unexpected” experience that will leave you and your guests talking for days to come.